Terry Rhiannyr

December 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Don’t Close the Book”

It was a book
That’s all it took
And I was caught on the hook
With a passion
That had no ration
Although it wasn’t the fashion
Just then to read
Instead the need for speed
Was, so my mates were all agreed
The cool thing to do
So soon I said to them adieu
I pitied them, for they never knew
The pleasure of the pages
The excitement each word engages
The anger as dire villain enrages
As they were tied to land
I was off to destinations grand
The moon and stars were there in my hand
Teachers amazed at my diction
My knowledge of trivial non-fiction
But angered when I applied contradiction
To things considered fact
And it took considerable tact
And occasionally was forced to detract
For better to save face
And step back with good grace
To show that I still knew my place
Smiling I said in allegory
My place was in matters literary
And was situated in our local library



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