Celia Warren

December 2, 2012 § Leave a comment


I’ve shrunk with Mrs Pepperpot,
Followed Alice to Wonderland,
I’ve fired my bow and arrow
With Robin’s merry band.

I’ve eaten gruel with Oliver,
Met Gulliver on his travels,
I’ve helped Miss Marple follow clues
As mystery unravels.

I’ve taken tea with Mole and Ratty
By the riverside,
I’ve found myself in tears
When Bambi’s mother died.

I’ve done-as-I-would-be-done-by
With Tom the Water-Baby,
I’ve learned how the camel got his hump
And know it’s true – well, maybe!

I’ve had adventures by the score,
Dodged death and plot and bribery,
And now I’m off to find some more
With my ticket to the library .

© Celia Warren 2012



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