Irene Styles

December 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Libraries are Awesome!

Row upon row in Dewy System order
Hard backs, soft backs, E-books and more
Music, computers……sometimes a coffee bar
Picture books, fiction books, books to improve your diction
Vocabulary, reading skills and further education.

Enhance your I.T. skills, search Google and the Net
Complete your homework, read for fun
Every topic within your reach
Loads of facts and information
Or fiction to feed your imagination

Borrow, renew, return in person
Phone or e-mail too
The librarians help is limitless
Searching the shelves or net she can do
To aid the reader, researcher author or teacher

Libraries cannot close or fail
They have moved with the times
Are not foisty or stale
Enhance your life, your dreams and imagination
In these myriads of ways.

A quiet haven to sit and read
Or running a story-telling scheme
A writers group, a meeting place
Provision for music nights, book reviews
Dramatic presentations, poetry performance
For children, adults, every generation
A place within the library walls for community and nation.

City places, village places,
A bus on wheels for distanced places
All used and needed on a daily basis
A precious commodity, a right for us all
For without research or inspiration fed from within these halls
We would rapidly stagnate and fall.

So Councillors, it is your call
Listen please !
Do not close these multipurpose stations
Provide the funding that is needed
Libraries are awesome places
They cannot be done without !



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