Maria Docherty

December 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Why Libraries are special

When people think of libraries they usually focus on books and information.

These are important functions: just think how wonderful that really is – just about any book that is available to buy or borrow for you (from other libraries) will be provided free of charge.

Library staff learn all about reference tools so they can endeavour to answer any questions you can think to ask.

In larger libraries you may find specialist sections for business, local history or genealogy.

Ah, Genealogy: If you have ever watched the BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? you will know how often the search focuses on library collections!

All of these are so important but the library service has another aspect to it, too often taken for granted or gently mocked: the staff.

Libraries are as good as the staff who run them, not especially well paid, but dedicated to delivering good customer service and to helping people find the books/information/DVD/CD etc that they need.

A library is the only ‘official’ building which anyone and everyone is welcomed into free of charge, from the homeless person living on the streets to a millionaire, from children to OAPs.

Libraries are special, they provide a service not available anywhere else…let’s not stand by and watch them close!



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