Colin Will

November 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

L is for Libraries

All the good L-words –

liberty, learning, love –

prosper in the pages of a book.

All the books –

ordered in their houses –

form a family of libraries.

All their carers –

technicians in the transport of ideas –

come together, group with group.

In all the nations –

fierce, free or fettered –

a hope of harmony rises.

So we assemble –

words, thoughts and images –

embodied in our very human forms

My magical moments began

in a city library, sixty years ago.

A Beatrix Potter book opened my eyes

to a world of words and pictures.

The library gave me the key

to my own imagination.

And around me, growing up,

I saw others finding knowledge

and the pleasures of words

in Carnegie’s rooms, these national dams

against ignorance and blank minds, in a time

when Councils had ideals, foresight, and courage.

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