Geraldine Green

December 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

I Was Arrested for My Letters

they tumbled out of my mouth
each mouth a clown
each clown an O
each round pink O rolled down the street
each X turned cartwheels
each V stuck itself up at people it disliked
somersaulted along broadway ended
upside down in a gutter – a kind hand
gave it a quick brush and with an upsa-daisy! there yah go!
added a dash
and A was born.

dogs chased them
children laughed
each child caught a letter
each letter caught a cold
each cold caught the wind
each wind caught a cloud
each cloud formed icicles
each icicle grew snowflakes
each snowflake became a man
each man read out a sentence
from the black and white newspaper
held in their hands
their hands ran with ink the ink closed its fist
made a ball out of paper tossed it in the air
the air blew its nose and the Iliad was born!
right here on this flagstone

the flagstone became

an anchor

the anchor

a tree

the tree

a rope

no, a but!

a lovesong!

a hope that


on the big broad

chest of the general

the teached clapped her hands

the general dropped his hope

hope wrote a message on the sand

H E     P!

said the sand

P  E   H !

said the sea
as it laughed like a cat
scratching its claws
down the trunk of the alphabet tree
where a man hung himself last night
beside his hat and the moon.

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