Jenni Pascoe

December 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Once upon a time, in a land far away
Where wise men of magic did dwell
Decisions were made to find a new way
Of preserving their ancient spells
They wrote them on paper from generous trees
And hand-stitched the pages together
Though carefully bound, these beautiful leaves
Could not withstand changes in weather
So the wise men of magic devised a great plan
To protect their fine, new, precious pages
They invented a shelter in which magic fans
Could peruse these immense books for ages
Some men were too busy to spend a whole day
Learning from such weighty tomes
So those who did not have enough time to stay
Were allowed to take books to their homes
There would be no charge, when the books were returned
So long as they came back on time
The men grew most pleased with the things they had learned
(though some people got the odd fine)
Inquisitive children joined in the scheme
To be taught the most valuable lessons
They discovered great wisdom, learned how to dream
And now knew real facts without guessin’
The wise men of magic were terribly chuffed
Their teachings would span generations
Sometimes the simplest ideas are enough
To be worthy of great celebrations.

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