Mark Speeding

December 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

We Are the Stars, We Are!

We are the stars
We are the superstars
We are your shoulder-to-cry-on
Your last resort
Your matter of fax when you’ve been lax
Your oasis of technology
Your access to ‘ologies’
We shine when your printer is inked-out
We shine when your PC has given up the ghost
We shine when your Internet connection has died a death
We shine when your frustration requires salvation

We are the shining stars – the ones you take for granted
We are the undeserving receivers of the tirade that you ranted
When you railed against the modern world
And blamed us for your forgetfulness
We calmly listened and sought a solution
To sort out your cuffudledness

We are the stars
We are the shining stars
We are the superstars
We are too ubermensch to mention

We accommodate while you postulate
We accentuate while you denigrate
We perpetuate while you pontificate
We exonerate and ameliorate
While you exacerbate and degenerate

We are the stars
We are the shining stars

But we will soon burn out
And then who will sort out
All your myriad problems
That you love to shout about?

We were the stars
We were the shining stars
And you never noticed
Until we shone no more!


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