Terry Dobson

November 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

The government has just announced that there will be major changes to the game of Cluedo.

Due to Health and Safety violations, the lead pipe will be replaced with a rubber hose. Mrs White has been locked up for being racist. In a cost cutting exercise the kitchen and dining room have been combined. There is nothing left in the budget so the library has been removed altogether, and the study is seen as surplus to requirements so will be auctioned off to the private sector. The ballroom has been converted to a bedroom, which will mean the game will cost more due to under-occupation charges that will be applied from April.

A spokesman from the manufacturers has condemned the move, and stated: “We will be supplying extra rope for the games provided to Downing Street in the hope that given enough they will go hang themselves.”


Terry Dobson

November 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dreams are Born

As a child the library was a place of excitement and wonder
Every Saturday morning I stepped through the door
Into a building where new adventures awaited me on the shelves
I laughed at the antics and tricks of Brer Rabbit
I flew off to magical kingdoms, solved crimes
Travelled through time
I was a cowboy, an astronaut, and so much more
In the library my dreams were born

As an adolescent I found escape and learning
And had my first sexual encounter with Molly Parkin
I was too young to take her out
But she seduced and enticed
Until my fumbling fingers opened her up in a quiet corner.
Eagerly fuelled by teenage hormones
In the library my dreams were born

Now I’m older with grey in my beard
Over the years the library has become been a sanctuary
A place I can find solitude and peace
Where I can work without distraction
Each shelf filled with old friends and new
And I know I can always find a welcome
The library fills me with quiet passion
And a desire to fill the page with words of my own
To shape something from myself
In the library my dreams are born

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