Tom Kelly

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What He Knows

He followed someone and by mistake
ended up in the library-
he was shocked.
He had never been in a library before,
the only book at home was a rent book.

He was embarrassed.
Didn’t know what to do,
should he pay?
Does he have to ask to leave?
He’s led out like a bear on a lead,
returned to the street,
to what he knows.

first published in Their Lives, from Tears in the Fence (1995)


Cara Brennan

December 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Reference Room

I’m copying discoloured words
and breathing dust, waiting
for something to move me.
I’m told you can hear
the ghost turn pages.

I hear the wind.

I hear men sniff and
use their pens abruptly. I’m told
this is the warmest room
but I am cold;

breeze, breeze blowing.

This downbeat table is a good height
but the clock ticks loudly.
It traces the pace of my ink;
it pours old time down my back.

I consider the lore,

think of yellowing pages
held by ghosts.
The clock’s rotating hands
become my pulse.

Call for Submissions

November 27, 2012 Comments Off on Call for Submissions

This site was set up by a group of writers in Newcastle who wanted to highlight the value of libraries following the announcement by Newcastle City Council that they plan to cut 10 of the city’s 18 public libraries.

Submissions to the site are open. We will accept up to 400 words of creative work in any form which responds to the theme of libraries.  Please read the About page for full guidelines and further details.

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