Terry Dobson

November 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dreams are Born

As a child the library was a place of excitement and wonder
Every Saturday morning I stepped through the door
Into a building where new adventures awaited me on the shelves
I laughed at the antics and tricks of Brer Rabbit
I flew off to magical kingdoms, solved crimes
Travelled through time
I was a cowboy, an astronaut, and so much more
In the library my dreams were born

As an adolescent I found escape and learning
And had my first sexual encounter with Molly Parkin
I was too young to take her out
But she seduced and enticed
Until my fumbling fingers opened her up in a quiet corner.
Eagerly fuelled by teenage hormones
In the library my dreams were born

Now I’m older with grey in my beard
Over the years the library has become been a sanctuary
A place I can find solitude and peace
Where I can work without distraction
Each shelf filled with old friends and new
And I know I can always find a welcome
The library fills me with quiet passion
And a desire to fill the page with words of my own
To shape something from myself
In the library my dreams are born



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